Scientific equipment, experiments & techniques

El Big Bang y el origen del universo

Antonio M. Lallena Rojo

Organic Experiments: Macroscale and Microscale, International...

Katherine M. (Pennsylvania State University) Masters and Emeritus) Williamson Kenneth (Mount Holyoke College


El camino de la insurgencia

Alfredo Ruiz Islas


Physics Lab Experiments

Matthew French


Absinthe and Flamethrowers

William Gurstelle


On the Trail of Stardust: The Guide to Finding...

Jon Larsen


Laboratory Experiments for Introduction to General, Organic...

Joseph (Adelphi University) Landesberg


Basic Plant Pathology Methods

James B. Sinclair and Onkar Dev Dhingra


Cat Dissection: A Laboratory Guide

Connie Allen and Valerie Harper