Quantum physics (quantum mechanics & quantum field theory)

Quantum: A Guide For The Perplexed

Jim Al-Khalili


An Introduction To Quantum Field Theory

Michael E. Peskin and Daniel V. Schroeder


Magnetic Monopoles

Yakov M. Shnir


Understanding Quantum Mechanics: The World According to...

Detlef Durr and Dustin Lazarovici


Time, Emergences and Communications

Bernard Dugue


Quantum Mechanics: Fundamentals

Kurt Gottfried and Tung-Mow Yan


Quantum Mechanics

P. J. E. Peebles


Time-dependent Quantum Mechanics Of Two-level Systems

Usa) Lavine James P (Georgetown Univ


Introduction to the AdS/CFT Correspondence

Horatiu Nastase


Einstein's Brainchild: Relativity Made Relatively Easy!

Barry R. Parker and Lori Scoffield-Beer


On the Quantum Potential

Robert Carroll


Heisenberg's Quantum Mechanics

Canada) Razavy Mohsen (Univ Of Alberta


The Quantum Moment: How Planck, Bohr, Einstein, and...

Alfred Scharff (Stony Brook University) Goldhaber and Robert P. (Stony Brook University) Crease


Supersymmetric Methods in Quantum, Statistical and Solid...

Germany) Junker Garching Georg (European Organisation for Astronomical Research in the Southern Hemisphere


Introductory Applied Quantum and Statistical Mechanics

Peter L. Hagelstein, Stephen D. Senturia, et al.


Quantenmechanik Zu Fuss 1: Grundlagen

Jochen Pade