Biology, life sciences

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

Rebecca Skloot


The Great Re-Think: A 21st Century Renaissance

Colin Tudge


Ecology: From Individuals to Ecosystems

Michael Begon and Colin R. Townsend


CRISPR People: The Science and Ethics of Editing Humans

Henry T. Greely


30-Second Ecology: 50 key concepts and challenges, each...

Mark Fellowes and Dr. Becky Thomas


The Emperor of All Maladies

Siddhartha Mukherjee


A Comrehensive Treatise on Terpenes

Sameksha Koul


Marktubliche Cafm Software Im Vergleich

Gernot Wagner


Host Status of Brazilian Pigeonpea Lines to Three Phytonematodes

Jeronimo Vieira De Araujo Filho


Pautas Para La Evaluacion de Los Riesgos Ambientales

Civeira Gabriela and Muschietti Piana Maria Del Pilar


Evaluation of the Nutritive Value of Cowpea Seeds in Poultry...

Balaiel Nasara and Abd Elatti Khadiga


Novel Protein-Protein Interactions in Brain

Kantamneni Sriharsha


Bio-Ecology of Acacia Bagworm (Auchmophila Kordofensis Rebele)

Elfadil Mahmoud Mohammedelnazeir and Hassan Mohamed Ahmed