Animal behaviour

Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are?

Frans De Waal


Lizards of the World: A Guide to Every Family

Mark O'Shea


Avian Cognition


Mimicry In Butterflies

Reginald Crundall Punnett


Chemical Ecology of Vertebrates

Dietland (State University of New York) Muller-Schwarze



Morag Higgins


Migration: The Biology of Life on the Move

UC Davis College of Biological Sciences) Dingle Professor Emeritus of Entomology Hugh (Professor Emeritus of Entomology


The Nine Emotional Lives Of Cats

Jeffrey Masson


Essentials of Animal Behaviour

Scotland) Slater Peter J. B. (University of St Andrews


Substance Abuse and Psychopathology

Arthur Alterman



Peter Kappeler


Lust and Love: Is it more than chemistry?

Gabriele Froboese and Rolf Froboese


Methoden Der Verhaltensbiologie

Marc (Department of Life Sciences University of Sussex UK) Naguib and E Tobias Krause


General ultrasound in the critically ill

Daniel A. Lichtenstein


Notes on the Elements of Behavioral Science

Doris Zumpe and Richard P. Michael