Human biology


Karel H. M. van Carmen;Wely Mora Gallardo

Applied Sport Mechanics

Brendan Burkett


New Techniques for Examining the Brain

Karen D. Davis


The Reproductive System

Randolph Krohmer


From Tools to Symbols: From Early Hominids to Modern Humans

Bonny S. Williamson, Cedric Poggenpoel, et al.


The Human Lineage

Matt Cartmill and Fred H. Smith


Surnames and Genetic Structure

Gabriel Ward Lasker


Principles of Human Evolution

Roger Lewin and Robert Andrew Foley


Simulating Human Origins and Evolution

Perth) Wessen K. P. (University of Western Australia


Human Biology: An Introduction to Human Evolution, Variation,...

University of Harvard) Pilbeam Professor of Anthropology D. R. (Professor of Anthropology, Pennsylvania State University) Baker Evan Pugh Professor of Anthropology P. T. (Evan Pugh Professor of Anthropology, et al.


Fundamentals of Human Biology

Michael Windelspecht


Sociobiology and the Human Dimension

Georg Breuer


Na+, K+ Pumps Keep Us Going

Torben Clausen


Human Growth: Assessment and Interpretation

Ohio) Roche Alex F. (Wright State University and Ohio) Sun Shumei S. (Wright State University


Human Biology, International Edition

Cecie (N/A) Starr and Beverly (University of California) McMillan



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