Geological surface processes (geomorphology)

New Zealand Landscape: Behind the Scene

New Zealand) Williams University of Auckland School of Environment Paul (Emeritus Professor


Let the Water Do the Work: Induced Meandering, an Evolving...

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The Frozen Earth: Fundamentals of Geocryology

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The Little Ice Age


Geomorphology and Natural Hazards: Understanding Landscape...

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Global Geomorphology

Michael A. Summerfield


Neotectonism in the Indian Subcontinent: Landscape Evolution

India) Valdiya Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research K.S. (Honorary Professor of Geodynamics and India) Sanwal Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research Geodynamics Jaishri (Research Scientist


Engineering Geomorphology: Theory and Practice

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Wind as a Geological Process: On Earth, Mars, Venus and Titan

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The Nature of Geomorphology

Alistair F. Pitty


Secrets of the Snow: Visual Clues to Avalanche and Ski...

Edward R. LaChapelle


Geology of Afar (East Africa)

Jacques Varet


General Geocryology

E. D. (Moscow State University) Yershov


Atlas of Natural and Induced Fractures in Core

John C. Lorenz and Scott P. Cooper