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Nuclear Engineering



Tks Murthy


Global Nuclear Energy Partnership


Nuclear Power Plant Safety and Mechanical Integrity: Design...

USA) Antaki South Carolina Aiken Becht Nuclear Services George (Chief Engineer and U Texas Cleburne Ramiz (ASME III (Nuclear) Working Group Piping Design and ASME (Nuclear) Operation and Maintenance Committee


Advanced Fuel Cycles for Light Water Reactors

Fausto Franceschini


Modelling of Nuclear Reactor Multi-physics: From Local...

Sweden) Demaziere Christophe (Chalmers University of Technology


Spent fuel performance assessment and research: final report...

International Atomic Energy Agency


Policies and strategies for the decommissioning of nuclear...

International Atomic Energy Agency


Optimization of water chemistry to ensure reliable water...

International Atomic Energy Agency


Advances in high temperature gas cooled reactor fuel technology

International Atomic Energy Agency


In Situ Uranium Stabilization Through Polyphosphate Remediation

E L Richards, J S Fruchter, et al.


Politics of Nuclear Energy

S.David Aviel