LEGO Gadgets

Editors of Klutz


Moral Machines: Teaching Robots Right from Wrong

Wendell Wallach and Professor of History & Philosophy of Science and o Colin (Professor of History & Philosophy of Science and of Cognitive Science


LEGO EV3. Programación de Robots


Comunicaciones industriales


Computer Aided Writing

Madjid Fathi and Andre Klahold


Robots: A Reference Handbook

David E. Newton


Control Theory Of Robotic Systems

J M (.) Skowronski


Behavior Trees in Robotics and AI: An Introduction

Michele Colledanchise and Petter OEgren


Autonomous Mobile Robots in Unknown Outdoor Environments

Xiaorui Zhu, Youngshik Kim, et al.


Cognitive Multi-agent Systems: Structures, Strategies and...

Marek Sukop, Matthias Haun, et al.


Visual Guidance of Unmanned Aerial Manipulators

Juan Andrade-Cetto, Angel Santamaria-Navarro, et al.


The Uncanny Valley in Games and Animation

UK) Tinwell Angela (University of Bolton


Robot Development Using Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio

Taipei) Gu Kai-Yuan (National Taiwan University, Taipei) Chi Hung-Lin (National Taiwan University, et al.


Exploring Robotics with ROBOTIS Systems

Chi N. Thai