Star signs & horoscopes

The Little Birth Sign Library

Theresa Celsi and Michael Yawney


Olde Moore's Horoscope Scorpio

Francis Moore


The Capricorn Enigma: Cracking the Code

Jane Ridder-Patrick


Chinese Horoscopes Guide to Relationships

Theodora Lau


Teri King's Astrological Horoscopes for 2001

Teri King


Old Moore's 2017 Astral Diaries - Aquarius

Old Moore


El Secreto de los Horoscopos

Julio Laiz Blanco


Modern Transits

Lois Rodden


Mond und Sonne in der Astrologie

Norbert Giesow


Horary Astrology

W. J. Simmonite


Analysis of the Horoscope

Ernest A. Grant and Catherine T. Grant


The Search of the Heart

Benjamin N Dykes and Hermann of Carinthia


Bonatti on Nativities

Guido Bonatti


The Text-Book of Astrology

Alfred John Pearce


Simplified Scientific Astrology

Max Heindel


The Only Way to Learn About Horary and Electional Astrology

Marion D. March and Joan McEvers


Essays on the Foundations of Astrology

Charles E.O. Carter