Wildlife: mammals

Foot Notes: Experiences With Sasquatch, 2004-2018

Susan Barron


Wild Mammals of Wyoming and Yellowstone National Park

Steven W. Buskirk


Mum and Dad in the Night

Lynn Van Der Wagen and Anil Tortop


The Yellowstone Wolves, the First Year: The First Year

Gary Ferguson and Ferguson



Michael Clark


Cowboy and His Elephant, The



Tracking the Panthera family

Maria Veneke Ylikomi Jan Fleischmann


Stuarts' Field Guide to Larger Mammals of Africa

Chris Stuart and Mathilde Stuart


Mammals in north-east Highlands

Adam Watson


The Wild Rabbit in a New Aspect, Or, Rabbit-Warrens That Pay

J (Western General Hospital Edinburgh UK) Simpson


The Catnip Diaries: The First Year

Eileen Novotny


The Whale Problem


The Magnificent Majestic Moose

Nancy Ullrich



Alan Rauch


Pocket guide mammals of Southern Africa

Chris Stuart and Mathilde Stuart


Basic Illustrated Animal Tracks

Roseann Hanson and Jonathan Hanson



Helen Cowie


Mammals of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East

S Aulagnier, A.J. Mitchell-Jones, et al.


Amazing Animals: Narwhals: Addition



Baby Animals! 2021 Calendar

Sea Wall