Sports training & coaching

Daniels' Running Formula

Jack Daniels


Lore of Running

Timothy Noakes


The Art of Running Faster

Julian Goater and Don Melvin


Training and Racing with a Power Meter

Stephen McGregor, Hunter Allen, et al.


Coaching the Mental Game

H.A. Dorfman


Crack Climbing: Mastering the skills & techniques

Pete Whittaker and Alex Poyzer


Coaching Adventure Sports

Dan Wilkinson and Paul Smith


101 Youth Cricket Drills Age 12-16

Luke Sellers


The Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer

David Whitsett, Forrest Dolgener, et al.


The Baffled Parent's Guide to Coaching Girls' Soccer

Drayson Hounsome


The England Managers: The Impossible Job

Brian Scovell


Run Your First Marathon: Everything You Need to Know to Make...

Gloria Averbuch and Grete Waitz


Whistle 2 Whistle

Michael A Brown M Ed


Preparing the Successful Coach

Matt Garrett


No Excuses: The Making of a Head Coach

Gene Wojciechowski and Bob Stoops