Swimming & diving


Roger Deakin


Wild Swim

Kate Rew and Dominick Tyler


The Lido Guide

Janet Wilkinson and Emma Pusill


Wild Swimming Spain: Discover the Most Beautiful Rivers,...

John Weller and Lola Culsan


Swimming Wild in the Lake District: The most beautiful wild...

Suzanna Cruickshank


Swimming: Vintage Minis

Roger Deakin


Trinidad and Tobago Dive Guide

Solomon Baksh


Diving South East Asia Footprint Activity & Lifestyle Guide

Beth Tierney and Shaun Tierney


Serious About Swimming

Nic Newell, Dan Cross, et al.


Diving with Sharks

Nigel Marsh and Andy Murch


"Sports Illustrated" Competitive Swimming: Techniques for...

Mark Schubert and Heinz Kluetmeier


The Antarctic Dive Guide: Fully Revised and Updated Third...

Lisa Eareckson Kelley


Dangerous When Wet

Shelley Taylor-Smith


Swimming Lessons

Marci Stillerman


I Can Swim: A Manual for Parents to Help Prepare Their Child...

Barb Helpling and Scott Helpling


Adults Guide To Better Swimming

Katie Smith


New to Synchronized Swimming?: Parents-Here Is Your Guide!

Jackie Esker Zerrusen