Canoeing & kayaking

Kings of the Yukon: An Alaskan River Journey

Adam Weymouth


River Wye Canoe & Kayak Guide

Mark Rainsley


Norfolk Broads Canoe and Kayak Guide

Steve Maloney


Paddle Your Own Kayak: An Illustrated Guide to the Art of...

Gary McGuffin and Joanie McGuffin


The Welsh Rivers: The Complete Guidebook to Canoeing and...

Chris Sladden, Tom Laws, et al.


Bark Canoes: The Art and Obsession of Tappan Adney

John Jennings


Canoeing Wild Rivers

Cliff Jacobson and Cliff Moen


Sea Kayaking

Nigel Foster


Nigel Foster's Guide to Surf Kayaking

Nigel Foster


Sea Kayaking

J. Michael Wyatt


Boundary Waters: Canoe Camping with Style

Cliff Jacobson


Paddling the Jersey Pine Barrens

Robert Parnes


The Complete Book of Sea Kayaking

Derek C. Hutchinson


Kayaking with Eric Jackson: Strokes and Concepts

Eric Jackson


Mayan Whitewater Chiapas & Belize, 2nd Edition: A Guide to...

Greg Schwendinger and James Rocky Contos


Kayaking with Eric Jackson: Rolling and Bracing

Eric Jackson


Kayak Touring

Bruce Morser


Canoeing the Mountain gifts from the waters

Phil Weir


Practical Handbook of Kayaking & Canoeing

Mattos Bill