Personal & social issues: self-awareness & self-esteem (Children's / Teenage)

The Best You: Calm Down

Dona Herweck Rice


I Feel...Allergic

Dj Corchin


Noah's story: soft cover

Grace Kim


En quete de perceptions: Un chemin vers Soi

Isabelle Garbin


I'm Guilty: Gordon the Guilty Gorilla

Karen Denise Cuthrell, Lana Wesley, et al.


The Slumpy Blues: Slumpy the Sad Elephant

Karen Denise Cuthrell, Lana Wesley, et al.


Happy to Be Me: Positive Affirmations for Little Girls

Sarah Mazor and K S Mallari


I'm Not a Scaredy Cat: A Prayer for When You Wish You Were Brave

Max Lucado and Shirley Ng-Benitez


Wings & Whispers: Angels Speak to the Heart of Every Child

Dharlene Marie Fahl


Eine Geschichte von der Welt, fur die Welt

Peter Wandler


Being Different Is Special

Adel B Korkor


Spirit of Water

Marion Brownlie


What I Tell Myself About Talent

Michael A Brown


Peter and the Whimper-Whineys

Sherrill S Cannon


Character Education: Hope

Julie Murray


Keep Yourself Safe: Being Safe Out and About

Honor Head


Cool Connections CBT Workbook: Build Your Self-Esteem,...

Laurie Seiler and Adam A. Freeman


A Life Full of Color

Savana Wilson


Ladybird Presents Mindfulness for Children