Social issues (Children's / Teenage)

The Road to Wigan Pier

George Orwell


Whoever You Are

Fox Mem Fox and Staub Leslie Staub



Philip Steele



Brian Bilston and Jose Sanabria


What If Everybody Thought That?

Ellen Javernick and Colleen Madden



Jody Sullivan Rake


Acapolto: Kampf auf dem magischen Planeten

Gudrun Leyendecker and Andreas Und Michael Hubertus


Ani's Family

B Ryan


A Girl's Journey: There's No Crying in Baseball

Pamela Tate-Roger


Wildlife in Danger

Dr Jen Green


Die Rettung von Immerfroh

Linnea Mohr


Through the Lens: A Book of Short Stories

Erica R Walker


Diversity for Life

Fleurise Davis


The Old Negro and the New Negro by T. Leroy Jefferson, MD

Mary M Jefferson and Mylia Tiye Mal Jaza


A Berty Dumbridge Week

Linda Lee-Davies


Kurbis Kurbis

Noa Straumann


Die Schwimmerin, die nicht mehr wollte

Edie Kramer


I'm Just Me!!

Kody Christiansen and Alexandrea Mallia